Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

The Process of Garage Door Spring Repair


There is one part of your automatic garage door that you have likely not thought much about, and that is that the springs that are located in the back of the door, mounted near the ceiling are an integral part of your door’s operation.


The springs actually help the electric motor by easing the load as the door is lifted and lowered during normal operation. Over time the springs can actually break or become weak enough to adversely affect the operation of the door, so if that occurs you will be looking for a garage door spring replacement.

Garage Door Spring

It is pretty easy to merely take our automatic garage door for granted when we pull into our driveway, press the button on the remote that is clipped to our car visor, and see the garage magically open. This is especially nice when the weather is bad and we want the convenience of a dry garage when we get out of the car.


There are other parts of the automatic garage door system that can go bad, such as the garage door opener mechanism, the rails on the sides that guide the door, the hinges that hold the door together so it can bend as it gets to the top, and the pulleys that steady the door and help to pull it up and conversely it.


The springs are critical, and if they go bad there is no other option but to replace them. While it is possible for an individual to replace them on his own, it is not advisable unless he really knows what he is doing and is mechanically minded.


There are companies who will offer the parts required at a discount along with a video which gives a step-by-step walk-through, but there are really quite a few steps, and when one is working with springs that have as much torsion as these springs, a person is working with potential danger.


The springs must be removed from the door assembly, and then the new springs must be installed. As you can well imagine, you will be in the process of removing springs that are under great tension, and then when you install the new ones, you will have to place the new ones under great tension.


Even experienced garage door technicians tell the tales of their fellow technicians being injured in the installation of garage door springs. Yes, there is the chance of injury, and a person can lose a finger, a hand, an arm or their life under certain circumstances of a spring unloading unexpectedly and causing harm to anyone nearby.


This is why it is better to have an experienced garage door technician handle the replacement of the springs. They are will trained for the most part, and they will also have the correct tools for the job. The technician will have had the specific training for this, and he will have plenty of experience of performing this job before.


It is better for you to be safe and call in the experts in a job such as this, the garage door spring replacement task.